Rules and Regulations

"When there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in character
When there is beauty in character, there is harmony in the home
When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation"

The Human Values Drama Festival will create a ripple of consciousness among our students on the joy and importance of practising Human Values.

General Rules

  • Only secondary school students may enter the competition.
  • Only one team per school may enter the competition.
  • Students should be accompanied by the appropriate number of responsible adults who will take full responsibility for the students.
  • The drama presentation should be as far as possible visually lively, inspiring, captivating and entertaining.
  • The performance should last no longer than 30 minutes.
  • The theme of the play should incorporate one or more of the 5 universal Human Values and their sub-values as shown in attached Human Values fact sheet. For example the play could revolve around:-
    • an anti-drugs / alcohol theme
    • loyalty (to friends, family or country)
    • virtue of being honest
    • respect for parents, teachers and fellow citizens etc
  • Performance must be done live and without any prerecording

Sets and Props

  • Schools will be responsible for providing their own logistics including all costumes, props, back-drops and make-up.
  • Complete list of props must be faxed / emailed to the organizers, 2 weeks before the day of the competition.


  • The script should send powerful motivating messages to the youth of today, on the need to practice Human Values.
  • A script for semi-finals the play must be submitted to the organisers by 15 Feb 2016.
  • The script must be an original piece of work created by the pupils, staff or parents.

Judging process

  • Prominent members of the community will be invited to be judges for the Drama Festival.
  • Judges will make their decision based on the quality of the script, the understanding of Human Values and stagecraft.
  • Marking Criteria and Allocation of Scores are as follows:

  Criteria Score Allocation
1. Script's projection of Human Values message
(Interpretation of script, storyline, Use of Language)
2. Originality of Drama
(Effective presentation of conflict & resolution, originality of the script, original or adaptation, freshness)
3. Creative and Innovative Ideas in Presentation
( Appropriacy of Style, Pace of play, Set, Costume, Lighting, Sound)
4. Overall Co-ordination and Presentation
(Acting skills, Audience awareness, Voice, Staging, Design Teamwork)
  Grand Total 100

Prizes and Awards

  • 1st prize: $3000 + Trophy
  • 2nd prize: $2000 + Trophy
  • Best script: $1000
  • Best Actor: $500 Voucher for Mountain bike
  • Best Actresses: $500 Voucher for Mountain bike
  • All Participants: Certificate of Participation

Finals (July) and Semi-Finals (Mar)

  • The venue, dates and times of rehearsal schedules for the Semi Finals and Finals will be forwarded to the schools closer to the date.
  • Distinguished members of our society will be invited to grace the Grand Finals.

Human Values Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is designed for teachers to use as a guide in preparing their submission for the “Singapore Human Values Drama Festival 2016".

It outlines the 5 universal Human Values such as Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence and offers an interpretation of their deeper significance in society

Based on Human Values such as Truth, Right-Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence Examples of the theme may include:

  • Anti-drugs / anti-smoking
  • Loyalty – to friends, family, country
  • Respect to parent and teachers
  • And many many more...


The following are some of the sub-values of the diamond of Truth:

Honesty - Honesty implies speaking the truth. Truth should be spoken when taking into consideration the feelings of others. Therefore, we should speak “softly and lovingly” to everyone.

Sincerity - Sincerity implies truth in our actions and feelings.


The following are some of the sub-values of the diamond of Right Conduct:

Duty – Duty implies the moral codes associated with the different roles that we play in our unique lives, for example, as a child, parent, employee, student, etc. Example, as a child one's duty is to respect his parents, as an employee one's duty is to give his best effort for his employer.

Integrity – Integrity implies having “Harmony in our Thoughts and Words and Deeds”. We should practice what we preach.

Mutual Respect – Mutual Respect implies respect for all life regardless of race, language or religion. "Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you"


The following are some of the sub-values of the diamond of Peace:

Peace in the Country – This peace is obtained through compromise, understanding and adjustment amongst the citizens of one’s country.

Peace within oneself – This peace refers to gaining inner peace. It can be obtained through the practice of contentment by reduction of unreasonable desires and forgiveness.


Love is the undercurrent for all the 5 universal Human Values. Love is selfless.

The following are some of the sub-values of the diamond of Love:

Selfless Service to Society – Selfless Service implies serving without any expectations in return. For the volunteer, the opportunity to serve is in itself its own reward.

Fraternity – Fraternity implies the feeling of brotherhood. This feeling is extended beyond one’s family to friends, fellow citizens and elders of our community.

Other sub-values of Love include: Charity, Seeing only the good in others etc.


Non-violence is the result of the practice of the four other universal Human Values. Non-violence needs to be practiced through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

The following are some of the sub-values of the diamond of Non-Violence:

Tolerance – Tolerance implies utilising one’s self-control, and avoiding the use of anger, which can destroy us and our relationships.

Preserving The Earth – This refers to respecting for Mother Earth and its resources. We should avoid wastage and pollution. Recycling and the love for Mother Nature and her creations should be encouraged.

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